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Hable bién Inglés


Not using the correct browser ONLY WORKS ON GOOGLE CHROME

If you do not have this browser yet, download it by clicking on the following link.

Google Chrome

Once Chrome is installed, close all windows and any other browser you have and restart with Chrome.

For a perfect execution of the course you need a good microphone, speakers or headphones and a place without noise that could interfere with the capture of your voice in the recording.


Our system includes a personal advisor 24 hours a day and your job is to examine your pronunciation word by word. If you find errors in the recorded is because the personal advisor can not understand you and will write erroneous results. This is done so you can realize that easily by not pronouncing well confuses the person or group of people who are listening. What is our goal?
Get you to get a perfect pronunciation. Spend time, patience and discipline and in a month you will get perfect results.